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12 Days of Christmas – 2022

Day 4: The Elusive Water Rail

You can’t imagine the excitement we felt when we saw that we’d caught a water rail on one of our trail cameras.

This secretive amber-listed bird is heard more often than seen (said to sound like a squealing pig at times!).

We’ve been lucky enough to get a few videos of the bird over that last couple of years. Always a thrill!

Apparently a relative of the corn crake and similarly challenged as we drain wetlands.

Spare a thought for the unseen this Christmas! 🙂

Oh yeah, some more info:



Pure Space

Pure Space


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What a lovely job we have 🌿Just found this little note from German cyclist Anna. She had cycled all the way from Tralee, crossed the ferry with plans to cycle around Loop Head and head up towards the Cliffs of Moher the following day. I admire these cyclists no end. Such strength and resilience and minimal carbon footprint a bonus 🌿#cycling #bike #loveloophead VisitClare Loop Head e-bikes ... See MoreSee Less
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