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Facts of breathing:

  • We breathe 15 times a minute, 21600 times per day.
  • The average relaxed person inhales and exhales 1/2 a litre of air at any time.
  • If the same person inhaled fully he/she could take in two extra litres and exhale 1 1/2 litres.
  • The yogis say – “Life is the period between one breath and the next;A person who only half breathes only half lives; He who breathes correctly, acquires control of the whole being; No breath, No life, Life is breath, Breath is life.”

The benefits are:

  • Correct inhalation gives enough oxygen to the whole body; Oxygen is the most important substance for maintenance of life.
  • Deep correct breathing, massages the liver, stomach, intestines and other organs as the diaphragm moves up and down.
  • Rhythmic breathing brings about a calm state of mind, gives energy and vitality.
  • Correct exhalation gets rid of toxins and impurities via carbon dioxide from the lungs.
  • Slow correct breathing allows for the maximum transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • With the deep slow intake of air, the heart functions at a slower rate and it helps to regulate the blood pressure.
  • Using the breath is the way to help increase the internal Prana, which is of the utmost importance to a yogi. Pranayama helps to remove blockages in the Pranic body.




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