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#1 Santa’s robin, a favourite for many.

This robin was in the bushes waiting for an opportunity to collect the crumbs left by the other birds on the feeder.

#2 Goldfinch – Lasair choille (Wood or Forest Flame)

Easy to see where it got its name. This confident little bird dominates the feeders in numbers.


#3 Little Egret – Éigrit bheag

These graceful birds with their Yellow feet can be seen on the Estuary mudflats and inlets.

I’ve observed them at Querrin shore, ‘worrying’ the mud ahead of them with their feet disturbing their prey (crustaceans, molluscs, eels, fish)  making it easier to catch… and eat.

#4 Reed Bunting – Gealóg ghiolcaí (Geal=bright, óg=young, ghiolcaí=reed )

This ‘bright young bird of the reed beds’ was observed in Tullaher Bog.

#5 Rook – Rúcach

These intelligent and social birds keep an eye on our feeders from the tree. Who is watching who here?


#6  Chaffinch – Rí rua (Red king)

These brightly coloured birds seem to be very plentiful in the garden right now and are the second biggest groupings of birds coming to our feeders outside of the goldfinch.

Birds of christmas - Chaffinch

These brightly coloured birds seem to be very plentiful in the garden right now and are the second biggest groupings of birds coming to our feeders outside of the goldfinch.


#7 Heron – Corr réisc ( réisc is Marsh and Corr is coming up as “edge” Anyone have another meaning for Corr?)

A pretty remarkable bird, standing patiently still watching the water for signs of movement. Noisy neighbours in Springtime nesting in trees, how they don’t fall out I don’t know.

Grey Heron

#8 Cormorant (Broigheall)

This picture shows a juvenile Cormorant fishing at Querrin pier. Sometimes confused with Shag which is a smaller mostly darker version.



#9 Oyster Catcher (Roilleach)

Hard to believe this familiar wader is on the Red list now, meaning it is of high conservation concern. A very familiar sound when you visit our coast on the Loop Head Peninsula.

Oyster Catcher


#10 Brent Goose – (Cadhan)

We wait impatiently for the arrival of these familiar winter visitors in Querrin and other coastal areas throughout the country. Brent Geese make there way here there from Northern summer breeding grounds in high-Arctic Canada via Western Iceland.




#11 Lapwing – Pilibín

Declared as the National Bird of Ireland by Birdwatch Ireland in 1990, this stunning looking bird can be seen in large flocks at the moment, very distinctive as they fly, with rounded wings and a floppy beat. When they settle you can see the delicate crest at the crown of their heads.

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#12 Stone Chat (Caislín Cloch)

These small little birds caught my eye while walking on Querrin shore. This one had found some lunch.

Stone chats are usually seen perched on something high like a fence post or tip of a branch scanning for insects, “chakking” loudly as it spots an intruder in its territory.

There were so many birds to chose from for this winter line up but we’ll share more as the months passed. Thanks for tuning in 🙂


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